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needing partner!

adamS said Sat, 17 Apr 2010 17:09:18 -0700

hey im in vancouver but am in the campbell river area occasionally. everytime im there i want to get out and climb but i dont know anyone on the island that does. if theres anyone who is willing to partner up when im out there would be awsome, i have gear and a car. i do trad. sport and bouldering, and i'll work almost any grade. its more about the quality of climbing then difficulty for me.

adamS said Sat, 17 Apr 2010 17:17:59 -0700

oh i forgot to mention im gunna be out that way from tuesday (april 20) to friday (april 23). i can meet at crag parking lot or wherever.

billmacfar said Thu, 24 Jun 2010 11:38:04 -0700

Hey Adam - if you're coming to the Island, I'm game. I used to be solid to high tens on gear and 11c/d sport, but I've barely climbed at all the last three years. I've got 8 years experience climbing rock, alpine, WI and mixed in the Rockies and I've hit Squamish, Yosemite and the Bugaboos several times each. I'm not at my strongest, but I'm eyeing a comeback. drop me a line: eight eight six - three eight two zero. Best, Bill

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