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Port alberni area?

gabbyskier said Mon, 13 May 2013 15:33:09 -0700

Hey, like a few more post on here, I just moved to the area,

I used to climb a lot when living in Canmore, but have slowed down quite a bit

I've got a set of draws, half a rack (pretty old style i'd say), a 9 mm i think 60m rope, I'm sure i could lead 5.9 sports still but not much more. 

Anyway I was reading on here, looks like there's a nice crag around Comox lake, and boulders on the way to Tofino, im sure there's more

My name is Gabby, I have a crazily random schedule working for bcamb, but i'm keen whenever im off, and have a vehicle!

spencerrockclimbing said Tue, 21 Apr 2015 15:43:03 -0700

Hey Gabby! My name is Spencer and I'm moving to Port Alberni next week from Vancouver. I've been bouldering at the gym and climbing outdoors these past few weekends at squamish and would love to climb over the summer on the Island! I don't have much gear, no rope or draws/trad gear, but enough for an anchor and can lead 10a sport (I've been using my friend/partner's gear!). I'm pretty keen to check out Nanaimo River, Comox Lake, Horne Lake, Sutton boulders, etc and I also have a car. so if you're still in the area let me know and hopefully we can climb sometime! Hope to hear from you! - Spencer

renchengwuming said Tue, 12 May 2015 07:07:07 -0700

If either of you are still looking for a partner i'll be in nanoose from 17-May to 3-July and looking to climb at horne lake. i'm on an extended holiday so my schedule is pretty flexible. let me know. - rob (

harty10 said Thu, 02 Jul 2015 11:15:08 -0700

I live in cowichan bay. spend most of my time now bouldering in victoria and am missing rope climbing. I have an anchor, a few draws and a rope. right now I just sport climb up to 5.10 (*some 5.11). I have a varied schedule so climbing during the week is always a possibility and, of course, weekends. email me. colleen (

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