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Powell River Area - Looking for partner

carliejod said Mon, 03 Jun 2013 20:45:54 -0700

Hey there!

I'm a new-ish climber from New Brunswick visiting Powell River June 11th-25th and I'm looking for a climbing partner for anytime during those dates! I haven't lead much yet, but I've climbed a bit outdoors and can belay and all that jazz. It'd be sweet to be able to rent some gear out there (I've got nothing of my own, really) and get on some rope, but I'd be happy trying some bouldering, too. I've only bouldered in the gym so far, but I'd love to try it outdoors! Just a matter of finding a crashpad. From what I've seen and read online so far, I think Stillwater is the place for me - a mix of sport and bouldering - but I really don't know!

If you'd like to climb with me, or if you have any info that might help me out, send me a message!


Carlie D.

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