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Climbing Partner for Squamish July 24-Aug 2:)

madmaguiree said Mon, 10 Jul 2017 16:54:07 -0700

Hey Climbers!

I am coming in from Toronto for family wedding, and then staying for two weeks to hopefully do some climbing in Squamish or even surrounding crags. I was hoping not to have to bring draws and rope with me, but I have all my down belay/cleaning gear! 

I have been climbing for over and year and I preferably like to climb easy-mid level sport. However, I am willing for someone to help me grade push at times as well

I promise I am really nice and I will bring lots of snacks to share:)

You can reach me at maguire.madison (at)

Hope to hear from you soon:)

madmaguiree xo

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