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Traveller. Looking for a partner 25-27 Aug

edenraf said Wed, 23 Aug 2017 11:51:12 -0700

Hi all! I'm a 25yo guy traveling from New Zealand in BC for work for a couple of weeks and have a free weekend 25-27 Aug in Vancouver. I'm hoping I could find a climbing partner for a couple of days! I'd love to climb in Squamish but I'm not fussy where as long as I get on some BC rock!

I lead 5.10a-d (18-20) and top 5.11a/b (21-22). I don't have much room in my pack so can't bring draws or a rope. I'd absolutely love to do some classic, exposed multipitch.

Also, I'll be in Prince George 28 Aug-1 Sept working (free in the evenings) if anyone can recommend some bouldering or indoor walls.

Much appreciated!

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