Godman Creek Boulders


Distance From Squamish
About 39 km
Closest City
West Vancouver About 3 km

Godman Creek Boulders


Godman Creek is a small tributary draining the west slopes of Cypress Mountain in West
Vancouver. Near its headwaters, Godman Creek flows from a small valley carved by glaciers into
the side of Cypress Mountain. On the uphill (north) slope of the small valley are numerous small
southwest-facing cliffs ranging in height from 2 – 6 meters. These cliffs (the Uphill Sectors)
generally provide relatively steep climbing in the sun on clean, well-featured granite, although
they do tend to seep extensively after days of rain. On the south (downhill) side of the valley are
two small granitic domes with numerous small cliffbands ranging in height from 2 – 10 meters.

These cliffs – the Tiers – provide climbing on a variety of angles that, although in the shade, tend
not to seep extensively after rain.


To get to the Godman Creek Boulders, head west on Hwy 1 until the Cypress Bowl exit; leave the
highway here, and follow Cypress Bowl Road for approximately 2 km. Park just before the first
major hairpin turn in the road. Follow the gated access road (the access road to Eagle Lake)
north-west. Almost immediately after crossing Godman Creek you will see a small cliffband on
your right above a small abandoned quarry; this is the beginning of the Uphill Sectors. After a
few minutes walking, near the 1 km sign, you’ll see a roadway marker in the trees on your left.

This is the trail that leads to the Lower Tiers. If you keep walking, the road will eventually turn
uphill (right) to a large active quarry. There are a few boulders here as well, but stay away from
the quarry.


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